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Luttrell's Personal Page

Last Update: 06/15/01

Check out my current CD rotation:

  • MMW - Combustication, Tonic, The Dropper,
  • Birth - Birth
  • Morphine - Cure for Pain
  • Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy
  • G-Love and Special Sauce - Yeah it's that easy
  • Radiohead - Amnesiac
  • Tool - Lateralus
  • Ben Harper - Fight for Your Mind
  • The Beatles - White Album
  • Gomez - Machiasmo

Let's see hmmmmmmmmmm since my last update I have built a studio, bought a new amp, broke my Warwick, bought and sold a piano, passed out twice, seen MMW, gone sailing, and eaten 97 meals. Nothing much else is new. Don't forget to write your friends that live faraway they are just as important as the ones that live next door.

HEY! it's me and Vic check it out!

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