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You know you want it... Drawing on Eve merchandise! Click a link below to get a screen shoot of the item. Want to buy it in person?? Check out Retail Availability!

Item Cost S/H
The Passionate Intensity of Life - On SALE!!! Limited time offer!! Drawing on Eve's first full length album. If you like music, you'll love this album. Only available in CD format. Find out more about this item in the album info section. You can also find some MP3s in the download section.$4.99!$1.25
Drawing on Eve T-Shirt - Comes in a variety of colors. Has a Drawing on Eve logo on the back and the catchy phrase "drugs have taught a whole generation of americans the metric system" on the front. You know you want one. Here are some close-ups of the front and back. $10.00 $2.00

To order an item off of this list please send an e-mail or snail-mail to any of the addresses listed on the contact page. In it include a shipping address, what items you'd like, and in what quantity you'd like them. If you send e-mail, Drawing on Eve would request that, after we confirm your order, you send a check or money order to the mailing address listed on the contact page. If you send a snail-mail please include the check or money order with the order request. No orders will be processed until a check or money order is recieved. Unfortunately, we are not able to take credit card orders at this time. Please note: all shipping and handling costs listed are for U.S. residents only.

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